C Green's Tree Service of Highland, Michigan

At C Green's Tree Services, we offer a wide range of tree services. From pruning to removal, we are professionally licensed to complete a good, clean job.

When you choose a tree service, it is a matter of finding a professional who knows how to get the job done safely, efficiently, and overall a trustworthy company. Why would you chance using a sub-par tree service, to handle your property?

Let C Green's Tree Services of Highland, Michigan help you with all of your tree services.

C Greens Tree Service

Tree Removal - This service is crucial for a number of reasons, including the extraction of diseased, dead or dying trees that are as much an eyesore as they are a safety issue.
Pruning, Trimming & Reduction -- If left unattended, a tree can grow in awkward directions, and may eventually die due to being over weighted. That’s where periodic maintenance via pruning, trimming, thinning and reduction comes into play. Our employees are skilled at reducing the size of a tree and strategically removing specific branches, deadwood and debris, thereby shaping the tree and making it more pleasing to the eye. This also extends a tree’s lifespan tenfold. Not only does it continue its life, but also increases the value of your property significantly. Trees are a huge asset to property, and the healthier and aesthetic they are, the higher the return rate. Pruning and Trimming does require tremendous skill, and it is almost to be considered an art form. We especially take pride in this service.
Stump Grinding & Removal -- When we say we have the latest equipment that can cut a job time in half, we mean it. Have you ever tried to remove a tree stump on your own? It is nearly impossible, if not already frustrating and extremely difficult. Instead, C Green Tree uses a high-powered stump grinder to pulverize both the stump and its root system.It is a must to remove stumps as quickly as possible, because not only do they serve as an eye-sore, but also can be a potential home to unwanted insects.